Picture of a mystical looking house. A Guide to Green Home Construction, Alternative Energy & Conservation
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Monolithic Domes
Estimating Construction Costs
Government Green Sites
Porous Pavements
Energy Efficient ICC
(Insulated Concrete Construction)
General Home Maintenance, etc.
  • Sun Frost - Energy efficient domestic refrigerators and freezers (AC or DC) - compatible with solar, wind, etc.
  • Miele - Water saving washing machines that Steve Jobs likes!
Reverse Osmosis Water Purification
Better than biodiesel (SVO/WVO)
Making Biodiesel
Alternative Fuels / Vehicles
HHO, Brown's gas, Water/gas
Environmental, Gardening, etc.
  • see also: Michael’s Gardening Page - Greenhouse, gardening, seed, environmental, organic, genetically altered food (GMO's), etc.
Geodesic Domes
In-floor Radiant (Hydronic) Heating
Ground-source Heat Pumps (Low Temperature Geothermal)
Solar Cooling
Wind Energy
Small-scale hydro power
Renewable Energy
Solar Energy
Glass & Skylights
Fuel Cells (Hydrogen)
Smart Chargers
Battery Info
Batteries (Small)
New Technology

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