A programmerÕs guide to embedding AppleScripts in your app

Download the AppleScript Widgets SDK v1.0a4c

Update: This version of Widgets has proved to be extremely reliable and solid. While itÕs still labeled Ōalpha,Ķ it is for all intents and purposes a final version. IÕve just been too lazy to roll the rev number to drop the Ōa4.Ķ This new download (v1.0a4c) contains John ScaloÕs carbon compliant modifications (thanks John) as well as the original 1.0a4 source files.

ItÕs hard to say if there will be any future development of this code. ItÕs quite useful as is, but could always be improved upon. IÕd like to hear from anyone whoÕs been using AppleScript Widgets, and especially of any changes and/or enhancements youÕve made, or would like to see implemented. Also, iÕd like to know what you think of Widgets, and if you find it useful. Thanks. Đ Michael   (19-April-2001)

Notes from April, 1998:

New in this release are five new functions to extract returned values from AppleScript routines. Note: a4 corrects a design flaw of a3 and has bug fixes.

This version of Embedded AppleScript Widgets is intended as a tutorial on how to embed AppleScripts within your application. It demonstrates how to call AppleScript routines by name, how to pass positional parameters to scripts, and how to extract returned values from AppleScript routines.

Widgets also provides a C language programmerÕs interface which greatly reduces the work necessary to build a parameter list, call individual AppleScript routines, and extract returned values.

This version of Widgets was written as a Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro 2 project and includes a compiler plugin by Gordon Watts called ŌScript BuilderĶ which automatically compiles and attaches AppleScripts to projects, providing a complete developmental solution completely contained within the CodeWarrior environment. (The Widgets package does not include the source code to Script Builder; you may download the C++ sources for v1.0 of Script Builder here.)

Note: This web page, SDK and enclosed documentation it is an Alpha version and a work-in-progress. Please register with NetMinder to be notified by eMail when updates are available.

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