A Guide to “Things eMail” on the Net...
(servers, clients, SPAM Countermeasures)
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General eMail info
  • Mail – Primer on eMail (including storage, transport and distribution); a bit PC centric, but useful anyhow
  • eMail Explained – eMail nuts & bolts (e.g. routing, encoding, MX records, MTA’s, etc.)
  • Understanding eMail – O’Reilly “On Lamp” primer
  • The MIME Information Page – Info about MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)
Mac OS X eMail Clients
Mobile Phone
SPAM Countermeasures
Bayesian Filtering
Anti-SPAM Resources
Anti-Relay Resources
Other SPAM Filters
  • ClamAV – A GPL antivirus toolkit for Unix (especially mail servers)
  • amavisd-new – High-performance interface between MTA and content checkers: virus scanners, and/or SpamAssassin; best with Postfix
Mail Servers/Gateways
eMail Hosting
  • Tuffmail – Personal and Business eMail hosting solutions
  • RegisterFly – Cheap eMail hosting
Postfix UCE Filtering
TLS – Transport Layer Security
SASL – Simple Authentication and Security Layer
Mailing List Software (ListServ)
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