A Guide to “Things Unix” on the Net...
(General Unix and Terminal.app related)
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CLI Primers and Tutorials
CLI General Reference
I/O and Process Control
Unix Filesystem
CLI Backup Tools
  • grep_tutorial – Concise usage overview
  • grep Tutorial – Detailed tutorial
  • Grep this – Using grep, fgrep, and egrep to search for strings of words
  • grep – May have to copy/paste link into browser; local MacOS X page
Regular Expressions (regex)
perl One-liners
perl Manual
Apache Server, HTML, CGI
Shell Scripting
Open Source Software
  • Fink – Use to install FreeBSD ports collection (Open Source software)
  • GNU Project – Free Software Foundation
  • The GNU Mac OS X Archive – Mac OS X friendly free software from the GNU Project
  • GNU-Darwin – Free software for Mac OS X
  • Mac Open Source Software Directory – Maintained by O'Reilly and Associates
  • Darwin Info
  • Apple‘s open source projects
  • Open Office – A full-featured office productivity suite providing a near drop-in replacement for M$ Office; not yet Aqua compatible, but currently runs under X11
  • AbiWord – A free word processing program similar to M$ Word
  • X-CD-Roast – A free word CD/DVD burning program; not Aqua compatible, but currently runs under X11
  • eGovOS – Open Source for Government
  • OpenOSX – Mac OS X “value-added” Open Source software for about $30 on CD; checkout this web site before buying from them, however!
  • Note: Open Source software may be found in other categories too; it’s not exclusive to this section.
Emulators (and non-emulators)
  • Bochs Project Page – A highly portable IA-32 PC emulator (e.g. 386, 486, Pentium) written in C++
  • Bochs – Mac OS X downloads
  • QEMU CPU Emulator – Multiplatform, multi-CPU emulator; supposedly fast
  • Wine – Allows you to run unmodified Windows binaries on Intel Unix boxes
  • Darwine – Wine for Mac OS X (i.e. run unmodified Windows binaries on Macintosh); uses QEMU emulator and Wine
  • CrossOver Office – Based on Wine (for Macintels)
  • Emulation.net – Various Windoze emulators for Mac’s
Flavors of Unix
Linux (Unix-like OS)
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