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Developer’s Corner
  • CamelBones – A Cocoa framework for programs written entirely in Perl. Also provides a high-level object-oriented wrapper around an embedded Perl interpreter, so that Cocoa programs written in Objective-C can easily make use of code and libraries written in Perl
  • PyObjC project – Fully bidirectional bridge between Python and Objective-C; Cocoa GUI applications in pure Python are possible
  • AppScripting – Manipulate AppleScriptable applications using ordinary Python code
Dashboard Widgets
Developer Widgets
Regarding Resources
  • ResFool – Essentially ResEdit Plus for Mac OS X
  • ResCompare – Create an Updater for your software
  • Mercutio MDEF – Menu DEFinition resource to easily extend your app menus
  • HexEdit – Open Source hexadecimal resource and data fork file editor see also: Nick Shanks’ HexEdit site
InterNet for Programmers
Database and BLOG
  • QuickLite – A Cocoa wrapper for an embeddable SQL database engine (SQLite); Obsolete as of Tiger: see Core Data
Source Code Archives
Essential Developer Information
System Startup
Newsgroups for Programmers
Cocoa & Xcode
Core Data
Other pages in the “Things” series are:
  • Things Mac OS X – for Mac OS X GUI related, data security and encryption, etc.
  • Things UNIX – for Mac OS X CLI related, UNIX tools, Terminal.app, general UNIX, etc.
  • Things eMail – Mac OS X eMail clients, server info, and SPAM countermeasures
  • Things Webmastering – for Webmasters, Server Admin’s, HTML, CGI, etc.
  • Things Macintosh (misc) – hardware, shopping, news, vintage (including OS 8-9), etc.
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