A Guide to “Things Macintosh”
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Where to find Hardware
Price Comparison Services
On-line Vendor Ratings
LCD Monitors
Mac mini
  • Phlink – Voicemail and information system
  • PhoneValet – Message Center
  • PhoneHerald – Broadcast Dialer
  • Skype – Almost free phone service
  • eyeBeam – Video SIP softphone application supports open standards for VoIP, Video and Instant Messaging
  • Asterisk – Open Source PBX
  • direct – Telephone dialer for PBX systems
Mac OS X Software
Home Automation
  • Indigo– Insteon and X10 (PowerLinc, ApplianceLinc, and LampLinc)
Macintosh Info
Macintosh News
Apple History
DVD/CD Media
Hardware Info/Vintage Mac’s

MacOS 8–9

Shareware for Mac OS 8–9
  • Tex-Edit Plus – Excellent text editor; well supported
  • Drag Thing – Program Launcher
  • BeHierarchic – Apple menu utility - requires Mac OS 8–9
  • X-Launch – Launcher - requires Mac OS 8–9; not Mac OS X compatible!
Databases for Mac OS 8–9
Sherlock Plugins for Mac OS 8–9
InterNet Software for Mac OS 8–9
Classic on Intel Mac’s

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