A Guide to “Things Webmastering” on the Net...
(including Servers, HTML, CGI’s, BBS’s & CMS’s)
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Web Servers
Hiawatha Server
Apache Server
Web Accessibility
Link Checkers
HTML, etc.
HTML Editors / Authoring Systems
  • Nvu – Web Authoring System for Linux, Mac and Windows; open-source rival to FrontPage and Dreamweaver?
  • iWeb – Create websites and blogs — complete with podcasts, photos, and movies — the Mac way
  • Dreamweaver – Commercial
Character Encoding
ICANN Accredited Registrars
(Domain name registration)
[Prices circa 2011]
IP Address
Dynamic DNS
  • No-IP.com – Inexpensive Static DNS for your Dynamic IP server
  • The Public DNS – From the Granite Canyon Group (Free service)
  • DynDNS – Dynamic DNS: Alias Your Dynamic IP to a Static Domain Name
Mac mini Colocation
  • Solid Space – Mac mini colo @ $25/mo (100GB) – (Winston-Salem, NC)
  • Stephouse – Mac mini colo @ $29/mo (50GB) – (Portland, OR)
  • XServHosting – Mac mini colo @ $30/mo (40GB); Xserve and other options (Irvine, CA)
  • Aim High! – Mac mini colo @ $30/mo (20GB) – (Golden, CO)
  • Mac Mini Vault – Mac mini colo @ $30/mo (500GB) – (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Mac mini co-location – Mac mini colo $35/mo (50GB) – (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Arogo – Mac mini rentals @ $75/mo (600GB) - (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • NorthernColo – Mac mini colo @ £30/mo (100GB) – (Manchester, UK)
  • Fork Networking – 1U @ $59/mo (1 Mbps) – (Portland, OR)
  • Colocation – Various colocation providers
Mac Serving
Network Security
Other Web Development Links Pages
JavaScript WYSIWYG Editors
  • TinyMCE (Sourceforge) – Open Source (LGPL) for Mozilla, MSIE, FireFox, Opera and Safari (sort of)
  • Kupu – Open source client-side editor for Mozilla, Netscape and IE
  • RTE – Cross-browser rich-text editor based on the designMode(); IE 5+, and Mozilla 1.3+ using the Mozilla Rich Text Editing API
  • Xinha – The “Warrior Princess” open source fork of HTMLarea; better, stronger, sexier
  • Mozile – Mozilla Inline Editor, an in-browser, context-sensitive, XHTML editor
  • FCKeditor – Editor demo; fast for some, slow for others, YMMV
  • DMOZ’s List – If it exists, it’s probably here
  • The List – A list of Open Source and Commercial WYSIWYG Editors
CMS: Content Management Systems
  • see Drupal (above)
  • phpSQLiteCMS – A simple, lightweight, open source, PHP5/SQLite-based CMS; Smarty template engine
  • Concrete5 – Requires Apache, PHP5 and MySQL 4.1 or greater
  • Midgard – An Open Source CMS based on Apache, PHP and MySQL
  • Plone – Based on Zope (a Python toolkit); suitable for large enterprise systems
  • Mambo – Based on Apache, PHP and MySQL
  • PHP–Nuke – Based on PHP and MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Xoops – Based on PHP and MySQL
  • Silva – Based on Zope/Python
  • OSCOM Product Matrix – International association connecting users and developers of Open Source Content Management solutions
  • CMS Matrix – Compare features of up to ten CMS’s at once
  • List of Content Management Systems – From Wikipedia
  • Wikipedia definition of CMS
Weblog (aka blog)
  • Serendipity Weblog System – A simple, open source, PHP5/SQLite-based; Smarty template engine
  • Wheatblog – Lightweight, custom blogging/CMS, open source, PHP, SQLite, PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • BLOG:CMS – Weblog, forum, wiki engine, news aggregator, and photo gallery; PHP5, SQLite or MySQL
  • WordPress – Open Source, easy setup, based on Apache, PHP and MySQ
  • MovableType – Perl 5 web-based personal publishing system; free under limited conditions
  • b2evolution – Open Source, feature rich, PHP/MySQL based
  • dmoz – The open directory project’s list of blog software
  • Wikipedia definition of Weblog/blog
Internet Forums (aka BBS)
  • phpBB – Free PHP/MySQL based BBS system (Open Source)
  • Phorum – Free PHP/MySQL based BBS system (Open Source)
  • bbPress – Fast and light, customizable; PHP/MySQL
  • miniBB – Quick, simple, small, forum software; PHP/MySQL
  • PunBB – Fast, lightweight, PHP; supports MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite
  • FluxBB – A fork of PunBB; Fast, lightweight, PHP; supports MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite
  • OpenTG – Recreates Telegard BBS using Ruby; MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite
  • aGNeS – WWW discussion board CGI package for download, or they will host the BBS for you. Free for non–profit or private use.
  • Wikipedia definition of Internet forum
HTML Converters (To/From)
  • man2html – An on–the–fly UNIX manpage–to–HTML converter
  • Man-cgi – Browse UNIX man pages via WWW
  • gnu2html – GNU manual page to HTML converter
  • HTML converters – JumpPage of various HTML converters
  • HTML Converters – Another JumpPage of various HTML converters
  • SugarCRM – PHP/MySQL/Open source customer relationship management system
  • CiviCRM – Designed specifically for non-profits; works with Drupal
  • MacPerl – Perl for classic Macintosh
  • www.perl.com – Tools, references, tutorials, sources, etc.
  • ––> Perl CGI’s are in the CGI’s section
Search Engines/Crawlers
Clip Art
Keeping Your Clock On Time
  • OpenID – Open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity
  • phpMyID – Simple OpenID server for individuals or small groups
  • Pavatar - Recognize me! – Personal Avatar (picture), hosted on your webspace, used by other websites to display when referring to you or your content
Data Security, ProcMail, Mail Filtering, SPAM Countermeasures

Apache, PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL on Mac OS X

Installing Apache, MySQL & PHP on Mac OS X
  • MAMP – Macintosh, Apache, MySQL and PHP; Dashboard widget to control major components
  • WebServerXKit – Install all the last versions of Apache, PHP, LibGD, and MySQL
  • MySQL (on Mac OS X) – Tips and instructions for installing MySQL under Mac OS X
  • PHP (on Mac OS X) – Tips and instructions for activating/installing PHP under Mac OS X
PHP on Mac OS X
MySQL on Mac OS X
PostgreSQL on Mac OS X

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